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Our transformative learning experience

We build our Dialogue Online Workshops for Inclusion (a.k.a. Dialogues) on the same foundation than our Dialogue in the Dark and Dialogue in Silence exhibitions: transformative learning. Through dialogue, we surface negative implicit prejudices and turn them into positive explicit attitudes.

Lose your Bearings

Each session is built around an emotional and interactive exercise that gently, but surely, questions your assumptions. This switches your mind and body to “learning mode”.

Learn from each other

Participants co-create the experience, with our facilitators. All of them are people with disabilities. Leave your frames of reference and explore new ways of thinking, acting, and being.

Reflect on yourself

We create playful situations to trigger self-reflection and critical assessment, without pointing fingers or putting anyone in the hot seat. Promised.


You come out of each session with practical skills you can use right away, not theoretical knowledge.

The Inclusionists

Our workshops

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Inclusion starts with you

Break down the complexity of disability-inclusion

There is no inclusion without disability-inclusion. Still, D&I managers find it hard to create a community of supporters around disability initiatives. We’ve created this workshop to recruit stakeholders and respected voices as supporters. Starting from where you stand on inclusion, personally, explore the concepts of disability-inclusion, practice the basics of inclusive behaviour and build up the motivation to take action.

HR, Managers and thought leaders / 3h

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Inclusion means business

The business case for disability inclusion

Few brands have people with disabilities on their radar. It makes little sense since more than a billion people live with a disability. Add to that their friends, family and supporters, and you realize disability concerns everyone. This workshop takes the business angle to disability. Get a sense of the market potential, get inspired by innovation stories and pick up idea to apply in your own organizations.

People Managers / 3h

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The words of inclusion

Communicating with appreciation

Every conversation starts somewhere. Usually, it’s with a smile or a “hello”. But some conversations never even get to that point. Sometimes, we don’t know where to stand, we don’t know if we should speak louder, or maybe just slower. Sometimes, we question if the words we use to talk about disability are the right ones. Truly, words hold power. And if the wrong words can instantly crush someone’s dignity, the right words can create a space where we can meet each other as equals. This workshop focuses on the language of inclusion. Understand the impact of language, learn to break down communication barriers, ask the questions you’re afraid to ask.

Everyone / 3h

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Lead to include

Remove roadblocks for your team

Diversity is an opportunity that only those who build inclusive workplaces manage to seize. We’ve designed this workshop to help people managers seize these opportunities and create work environments where everyone belongs. Self-reflect to deal with your emotions and prejudice, build an inclusive culture in your team and nudge your organization in the right direction.

People Managers / 3h

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Inclusion at work

Making disability-inclusion work, in your team

Interesting things happen when a new colleague joins a team. New opportunities can appear, magically; the power balance can shift; communication habits might need an update; the level of trust might waver … Onboarding a colleague with a disability might bring another layer of confusion and opportunities. This module focuses on your team, and your team only. Nudge your team culture to welcome and value diversity, promote openness, learn about the usual barriers.

Teams / 3h

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It starts with accessibility

There’s no inclusion without accessibility.

Barriers are everywhere, hiding in plain sight, until they actually stand in your own way. Good news is that accessibility is a complicated problem, not a complex one: we have solutions. We’ve designed this workshop to help you understand and break down the barriers that others are facing: get a clear view of the challenges, learn to identify barriers and solutions.

Functional leaders, Facilities managers, D&I managers / 3h

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